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Jazz - yellow and blue recycled plastic
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The main material used for the sculptures and the frames of the furniture is mild steel.

Depending on the piece being created it is either heated and forged using the century old traditional methods of the blacksmith, automatically cut by machine using plasma, laser or high speed water / sand jet,or combination of methods.

The pieces will be welded together and then dressed.

If the piece is to be left to weather then it is finished when it is cleaned.

If not, the piece is sent to the galvanising plant where it is pickled in acid, rinsed, and then dipped into molten zinc which reacts chemically with the surface of the steel.

When it returns from galvanising a piece will require dressing again, and a period of curing. If it is to be left in the galvanised state it is either finished at this point (bright and shiny), or it goes through a series of patination washes to darken and texture the zinc, and then it is finished.

If the piece is to have a decorative finish it has first to be primed, and then the decorative colour coats are applied.

After final inspection it is ready to be delivered.


Seating and table tops

Our aim is to produce beautiful and functional furniture which is durable and low maintenance.

To complement the galvanised steel we use oak, exterior ply, perspex and recycled plastics.

Oak is well known for its durability, and can be treated as necessary to keep it looking good, or can be allowed to weather to silver without losing its strength.

We use a high quality exterior hardwood ply from sustainable sources, which we machine to shape and hand finish before painting with several coats of Cuprinol, a commonly available water based garden shade. Here in Wales we simply re-coat ours once a year.

If that's still too much like work we can fit one of several styles of recycled UV stable plastic sheeting made from a variety of plastic waste, or perspex sheeting, neither of which should require any maintenance. If you would like quotations for any of these options, or if you would like to specify a different material such as glass or slate, please contact us.