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Ovate sculpture by Iron Vein

Ovate, 4' by 3', £480

Pierced frame sculpture

Pierced Frame, 5' by 2', £480

These are just examples of what is possible. We are happy to design and cost to your requirements. These pieces can be produced with whatever fixings are required e.g. baseplate, spikes, both plate and spikes etc.You can choose to concrete them in if security is an issue, or bolt holes can be drilled before galvanising.
two views of the mild steel galvanised fraing sculpture called Torsion
small trellis
trellis design 4
trelis design 18

Trellis and Screening

For plant training, definition of space or screening. Panels can be laser cut or fabricated to any design, and supplied with spikes or fixing points. Price depends on design, beginning around £300. Please contact us for information.



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