Show Gardens

Runic chair
Ribs sculpture
Spouting champagne bottle style water features  for a show garden at RHS Tatton Park Garden Show

Chelsea 1997

Peter Styles

Runic chair

Hampton Court 1999

David Stevens

Forest bench (shown), Sunset bench & Rainbow bench

Chelsea 2000

David Stevens

Chelsea bench (shown) & Chelsea chairs


Tatton Park 2003

Rob Frier

Scorpion chair, bistro table and Ribs sculpture


Tatton Park 2007

Rob Frier

"Champagne bottle" water spouts



2009 Chelsea: Aralia Garden Design

Freshly Prepped Garden, designed by Patricia Fox


Arbour made for Aralia garden design by Iron Vein  creative metalwork

An arbour with a span of 4 metres.


2009 Tatton Park: Cancer Research Foundation

Furniture for the Thyme and Money garden, designed by Mary Hoult

cancer research furniture
Wave form bench by Iron Vein creative metalwork
Table with stools around
Waveform arrangement of stools
Semicircular bench arrangement of stools



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